Kingston Grange Bamboo

Kingston Grange bamboo is an Australian owned family operated business in Victoria. Discover the sustainable and comfortable Kingston Grange bamboo collection, featuring a range of men's and women's clothing. Made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric, these garments are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and designed for ultimate comfort, while supporting Aboriginal artists and their communities through the Bamboo Dreaming Shirts. 

The Kingston Grange collection features both men's and women's clothing which is not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material that requires little water and no pesticides or fertilisers to grow. Plus, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, making the shirts odour-resistant and easy to care for.

The Men's Bamboo Clothing range includes Bamboo Dreaming Shirts, Bamboo
Shirts,  Bamboo Pants, Bamboo Shorts, as well as Bamboo Underwear and socks.  The Bamboo Dreaming shirts feature prints designed by the Aboriginal artists of the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation and a portion of each sale is given back to their Communities. These shirts
are made with a 65% Bamboo Fibre 35% Cotton fabric, a unique blend that is lightweight, and incredibly cool and comfortable to wear.

These easy to care for shirts are available in a range of colours and prints, a versatile shirt that can be dressed up or down to suit most occasions.

Designed with comfort in mind, men's bamboo underwear is made with bamboo fabric, which is soft and moisture-wicking, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable all day long. Men's bamboo underwear is available in both briefs and trunks in a variety of colours.

The ladies' collection features a range of Bamboo Dresses and Bamboo Sleeveless Tops. The dresses are designed to flatter your figure and they feature two side pockets. They are made with a 65% Bamboo Fibre 35% Cotton fabric, which is soft, cool and comfortable to wear. Ladies
Sleeveless bamboo shirts are ideal to team with shorts or a skirt with a  range of prints to choose from.


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We order from Kingston Grange on a regular basis. If there's something you'd like that is out of stock, please contact us here. We are
only too happy to order anything in for you. The turnaround with Kingston
Grange is very quick as they usually dispatch on the same day.