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Kingston Grange

Kingston Grange Bamboo Dreaming Long Sleeve Shirt

Kingston Grange Bamboo Dreaming Long Sleeve Shirt

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Kingston Grange Bamboo Dreaming Long Sleeve Bamboo Shirts are made from 65% bamboo fibre and 35% Cotton, a unique blend that is lightweight, and incredibly cool and comfortable to wear.

Each shirt features a print designed by the Aboriginal artists of the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation and a portion of each sale is given back to their Communities.

Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable, wicking away moisture to keep you feeling fresh all day long. 

These shirts are not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a highly sustainable material that requires little water and no pesticides or fertilisers to grow. Plus, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, making the shirts odour-resistant and easy to care for.

Just some of the many reasons to choose bamboo
- Natural Organic, as its grown without pesticides or fertilisers.
- Sustainable, as bamboo is one of the worlds fasting growing plants.
- Eco-Friendly, as bamboo is biodegradable
- Comfortable, doesn't cling to the skin
- Antibacterial, stays fresh and odour free for longer
- Keep you cool in summer, warm in winter
- Provides Strong UV Protection

Fabric 65% Bamboo Fibre 35% Cotton


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