LAFITTE is an Australian owned fashion brand who have been producing high quality socks since 1986. They believe socks should never be relegated to the second drawer. They’re a top drawer item that can make or break an outfit - (read our blog here)  and we have to agree!!

Quality is the most important thing to them and they never compromise. Whether it is your gym kit, work suit, or weekend attire, they have it covered.

Being Australian made is very important them and therefore over 95% of their socks are made in Australia. 

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Australian Made Patterned Socks

Quality patterned socks made with combed cotton. Made in Australia. Blend: 70% Combed Cotton. 30% Elastane/Nylon.

Tough Toe Cotton loose top sock

Loose Top Sock for comfort and circulation. The Loose Top Sock range is great as Health Socks and as Diabetic Socks. Or for those who just prefer a looser top....

Tough Toe Bamboo loose top sock

A very comfortable bamboo sock with a loose top. This sock has a loose top which is great for those with diabetes, or for those who just prefer a looser...