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We are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers and stock lines, especially those that are Australian made.

Lafitte is an Australian-owned fashion brand who have been producing high quality socks since 1986.

Their belief is that socks should never be relegated to the second drawer, they are a top-drawer item that can make or break your outfit!

We agree! Even if you’re wearing long pants, when you sit down your socks are on show to everyone. The correct socks for the occasion are essential and a pair of fun socks can almost certainly raise a smile or two. And who doesn’t love making other people happy?

We have always sold the Lafitte signature product, the Tough Toe sock, in both bamboo and cotton plain colours. Made in Australia, these are a premier business sock with 95% cotton content. They breathe well and are extremely comfortable with a reinforced toe for extra durability.

Whether they are using cotton or bamboo, Lafitte always source the absolute best fibres, never compromising on quality.

You really do need to choose the right socks for each occasion, there is no “one sock fits all” solution. Like you would never wear your sport socks with a tuxedo, you would also look a little out of place wearing your business socks with your board shorts!!

We love this bright, fun novelty range so much and we know that you will too. Another quality Australian Made combed cotton sock with 70% cotton content. You can allow the sock patterns you choose to reveal your personality and show your emotions on a particular day. Your socks can become a real conversation starter.

We know you prefer to buy Australian Made and these socks are truly the real deal. With the Aussie themed patterns, they would also make a great gift for overseas relatives.

Whether you are at work or play, choose these Aussie socks to treat your feet to the absolute best. Let’s face it, our feet bear a lot for us, so they deserve it.

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