TORE TOtally REcycled socks

TORE recycled socks are the world's first 100% recycled sock. Each pack of 3 socks saves 1000 litres of water, uses 2.4 plastic water bottles and 0.6 T-shirts, diverting them from landfills and our oceans. Every single element used in the production, packaging and distribution of our socks is made up of recycled materials making them a conscious sustainable choice for consumers.


TORE TOtally REcycled socks are the world's first 100% recycled sock - in fact that's where the name came from!

Made with a purpose, TORE TOtally REcycled Socks are made from textile waste and recycled plastic bottles. This waste is transformed into high-quality yarn, which is then woven into these remarkable socks.

What sets TORE TOtally REcycled Socks apart is their commitment to sustainability. The socks are certified by the Textile Exchange Organisation, ensuring the highest standards of recycled content.

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