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Humphrey Law

Stockman Health Sock

Stockman Health Sock

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The Stockman Health Sock by Humphrey Law is made with a premium blend of 77% wool and 23% nylon, this sock is built to last and perfect for all-day wear, whether you're working hard or enjoying your favourite recreational activities. Here's why you'll love it:

  • Thick and hardwearing: The sock's thick Merino wool material is perfect for all-purpose wear, making it an excellent choice for work or recreation. This sock has a resilient pure wool terry-knitted cushion sole inside as wool is the best fibre for padding as it will not lie down and die like synthetic fibres do.

  • Health Sock® technology: This sock is designed with no tight elastic top, ensuring maximum comfort and circulation for all-day wear.

  • Premium materials: Made with a blend of high-quality wool and nylon, this sock is built to last. The wool provides natural insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable, while the nylon adds durability and longevity.


Contents: 77% Wool, 23% Nylon.

Size Guide:

Small: 3-8 (ladies)/4.5-7 (mens)

Medium: 8-11 (ladies)/7-10 (mens)

Large: 10-13 (mens)

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