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Sherpa has designed a polypro designed to enhance natural performance. Designed to fit snuggly and absorb moisture, these polypro thermal pants will move with you whatever activity you are doing. Sherpa's thermal pants are made from ultra soft technical PCD II polypropylene and provides outstanding insulation working to retain natural body heat for superior warmth.

Polypro is a lightweight, affordable thermal option without compromising quality or warmth that will last the test of time. It will not absorb moisture, keeping you dry and protecting your skin from rubbing and abrasion.

Featuring quick dry properties and providing snug warmth and comfort without the weight the PCD II polypro range is the perfect option for overnight camping, outdoor activities or for winter comfort around the house.

Polypropylene Pant Features

  • The most comfortable polypropylene
  • Ultra soft to touch
  • Lightweight superior warmth (190 GSM)
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Quick drying

Polypropylene Care

Machine wash. Do not tumble dry or iron. Dries very quickly. Full details on the care label.