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Humphrey Law

60% Fine Merino Wool Health Sock

60% Fine Merino Wool Health Sock

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The 60% Fine Merino Wool Health Sock®is a premium business sock. Made in Australia with fine Merino wool, this sock is a lightweight sock which will fit in any shoes and provides exceptional warmth and comfort. The extra nylon reinforcement will give extended wear. Say goodbye to tight elastic tops with this patented Health Sock®. 

Key Features:
1. Fine Merino Wool: Experience the warmth and comfort of fine Merino wool
2. Smooth Fitting: Designed to provide a seamless and snug fit
3. Lightweight: A lightweight sock that will fit in any shoe
4. Enhanced Durability: Extra nylon reinforcing to provide longer wear 
5. No Tight Elastic Top: Patented Health Sock® with no tight elastic top, preventing discomfort and promoting circulation.

These natural socks are knitted with raw undyed yarn. No dyes or chemicals are used in the finishing process meaning there are significant advantages to the environment:

  • Pollution caused in the manufacture and application of dye is avoided.
  • Natural socks use about 1/4 the amount of water compared to a black sock in the manufacturing process.
  • Less energy is used in the manufacture of natural socks.

The Fine Merino Wool Health Sock® is a must-have addition to your business outfit. It is also suitable for everyday wear, ensuring your feet stay warm and comfortable. 


Contents: 60% Fine Merino Wool, 38% Nylon, 2% Elastane.

Size Guide:

Small: 3-8 (ladies)/4.5-7 (mens)

Medium: 8-11 (ladies)/7-10 (mens)

Large: 10-13 (mens)

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