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When it comes to Australian Made socks, Humphrey Law socks are a store favourite at Stewart’s Menswear, Mullumbimby. Humphrey Law have been making socks in Australia since 1947, made carefully from the best natural yarns – mainly wool and cotton, but also alpaca, bamboo and mercerised cotton.
photo men's work boots wearing red stockman socks


The Stockman sock is the tough workhorse of the range, a thick merino wool sock, hardwearing and perfect for work or outdoor adventures. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool will not flatten, so it’s pure wool terry-knitted inner is perfect for padding.


Humphrey Law 95% wool health sock


The high wool content in the Wool Health Sock provides warmth in winter and insulation in summer. A small amount of nylon is added to reinforce high wear areas in the heels and toes.


picture of feet leaning on a wooden crate wearing Humphrey Law alpaca/wool blend socks

The queen of the range is the Alpaca and wool blend sock, a luxury sock with exceptional warmth which has really been a store favourite this year. Alpaca fibre is soft and smooth and contains microscopic air pockets which act as insulators keeping in the warmth provided by the wool. Available in a rainbow of colours, we stock these in the smaller size as a treat for the ladies as well. Remember to use these ones for leisure as alpaca is a luxury fibre and not suitable for work boots.



photo of two alpacas

The alpaca shearing process is somewhat different to sheep shearing and is quite fascinating. You may like to take a look at this blog by Collombatti Naturals, a small family business in Collombatti, part of the Macleay Valley Coast in NSW. Not only do they produce a range of handmade, eco-friendly products, they also have a friendly alpaca herd which are shorn each year to produce alpaca yarn and laundry dryer balls.



All of the above socks are “Health Socks.”  In 1989 Humphrey Law trade marked The Health Sock, made without a tight elastic top which does not restrict circulation yet does not slip down, a sock made to exacting technical requirements unlike other socks on the market which attempt to reproduce the original Humphrey Law Health Socks. For those like Gerard who live with diabetes, it is important to wear a loose top sock as tight-fitting socks will restrict blood circulation which can cause nerve damage and feet injuries.



Photo of Humphrey Law Australian Made Sun SockFollowing the installation of 357 solar panels on their factory roof, half of Humphrey Law’s electricity requirement is powered by the sun which means that every second sock is knitted using solar power!!

To celebrate this achievement, Humphrey Law released the Sun Sock, a comfortable ankle sock made from breathable and absorbent space dyed mercerised cotton. As the colours are randomly distributed, each sun sock is unique, there are no two exactly the same!! There are a few colour options, but at Stewart’s Menswear we choose to stock the Disco option, as it has a true Mullumbimby vibe.

Humphrey Law makes socks wholly in Australia and are a true sock specialist – they concentrate on making one thing very well and continue to make the very best socks possible.



Australian Made Logo

Humphrey Law socks use the Australian Made logo which most of you would recognise. The Australian Made logo is administered by Australian Made Corporation Limited, a not-for-profit company established in 1999 with the co-operation of the Federal Government. Humphrey Law socks are featured on the Australian Made website along with other businesses who meet strict conditions to use the logo.

Featured alongside Humphrey Law Socks is one of our favourites, Lemon Myrtle Fragrances, a family-owned business based in Sydney. Click here to take a look at their range of naturally good personal care and cleaning products for all the family and in the home (including your pets). Trying to keep away from caffeine, I am a recent convert to their 100% Lemon Myrtle leaf tea which is harvested near Mullumbimby in The Channon on the Northern Rivers of NSW.



If you’ve started thinking of Christmas gifts, Humphrey Law socks are great for family and friends interstate or overseas. As they are approaching their warmer months, a package of quality Australian made wool socks is a really thoughtful Christmas gift which is easily packaged for posting.

Remember, whenever you have a choice, always:

Support small business

Support family business

Support Australian Made

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  • Sue Murphy

    Fascinating!! And love your range your of Australian made socks, it’s so good to see Australian businesses supporting each other 👏

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