Putting Together Your New Favourite Winter Outfit!!

Putting Together Your New Favourite Winter Outfit!!

How to Put Together Your New Favourite Comfy, Warm and Stylish Winter Outfit

Why travel elsewhere or shop on-line for essential men’s winter clothing when Stewart’s Menswear has everything you need, right here in Mullumbimby? With our wide range of quality clothing and friendly, personalised service, we've been outfitting Australian men in style for generations.

Step 1: Tailor to Your Winter Lifestyle

When planning your winter wardrobe, consider the type of work you do and the environments you'll be in. If you work outdoors, then the essentials for your wardrobe will be different to if you spend your day indoors. How you live in winter (and where) is an essential part of planning for your wardrobe needs.

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Step 2: Master the art of layering

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when putting together a winter outfit is layering. You will want to have a variety of different fabrics to create multiple layers for men’s clothing. Ensure that your clothes fit well and choose layers which can be removed easily as the temperature warms up during the day.

To be comfortable during the day, you must plan ahead of time so that your clothes manage the temperature changes, and you don't end up being too hot or cold!

Step 3: Find your perfect winter jacket

A winter outfit wouldn't be complete without the perfect jacket. To find the best winter jacket for you, consider the number of pockets, warmth level and a colour that complements your skin and hair tone. Finding the perfect combination of form and function is a process of trial and error, but it's worth the effort. 

Step 4: Choose your essential items carefully

Start with well-fitting base layers for optimal warmth and comfort. Add a jumper or chunky knit for warmth and comfort and protect your arms from the cold. Then, as the day warms, you can remove it as you thaw out. You'll still have it if you are out late and the temperatures start to drop again.

Thermal underwear is essential for extra warmth in extreme cold such as overnight outdoor winter adventures. Thermal underwear is available in moisture wicking fabrics made from either synthetic blends or merino wool. These base layers trap heat close to the body to provide extra protection against the cold.

Many of the belts and socks we stock at Stewart’s Menswear are Australian made by family owned and operated businesses. We stock your everyday men’s fashion clothing items with multiple options for colours and styles. Our 100% cotton T-shirts are available in 39 colours!


Step 5: Keep your feet happy

Be prepared for cold mornings and ready to manage warmer daytime hours. Ensure you have the right men’s clothes and footwear when preparing for a day out in winter.

Our Australian-made work boots are comfortable and durable, perfect for outdoor work or everyday use. For a more casual look, explore our range of great casual shoes that complement your outfit perfectly.

Wear thick, moisture-wicking socks made from natural fibres for extra warmth and comfort. Why not treat yourself to a pair of Australian made alpaca/wool blend socks this winter. Alpaca fibre is soft and smooth and contains microscopic air pockets which act as insulators keeping in the warmth provided by the wool.

Stewart's Menswear - Humphrey Law Australian Made socks.

Step 6: Accessorise with flair

Never underestimate the power of fashionable winter accessories to keep you warm. Wrap a scarf around your neck or wear a neck warmer and add a cosy beanie to protect your head from heat loss. Slip on some gloves to keep your hands toasty warm.

Explore the range of Humphrey Law socks, made right here in Australia for over 75 years. Ladies can wear Australian made knee high socks made from either wool or an alpaca/wool blend. These can be worn over tights or under jeans for luxurious warmth.

Don't forget the old favourite, a pair of original Aussie Ugg boots!! They will make you look great and help you survive the winter with panache.


Step 7: Keep your core warm with a versatile vest

A well-chosen vest is a must-have for cold mornings and nights. Choose a vest that's the right weight for your climate and allows you to move freely, no matter how manner layers are underneath.

Step 8: Keep to natural fabrics

For winter clothing embrace the benefits of natural fibres like Merino wool which offers insulation, breathability and moisture wicking properties. Cotton fleeces and denim are not as effective when it comes to keeping the chill away, however they do work well in the warmer winters we experience on the North Coast of NSW and are much easier to care for.

Step 9: Remember sun protection

Even though the weather is cooler, the sun's UV rays can still damage your skin, just like in the warmer months. If you're going to be outside, you'll need a hat. Choose from our wide range of caps and hats, including stylish Australian-made leather hats.

Step 10: Putting it together

Then comes the most exciting part - putting it all together for a great winter outfit that will see you through the season in style!

Stewarts Menswear owners, Gerard & Sue, photo is watercolour effect. Includes Trust badges, Roar Awards Silver winner 2022, Shop Small Business, and Nominee Rural Business Awards 2023

At Stewart's Menswear, we can help you choose clothes from well-loved Australian and international manufacturers. You will have outfits that are warm, comfortable and a great fit.

For friendly, personal service, from our family owned and operated business, stop by and see us today for a heart-warming retail experience. You'll feel cosy on the inside from supporting family owned local Aussie businesses, including us and our suppliers. 





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