How To Style A Polo Shirt For Any Occasion

How To Style A Polo Shirt For Any Occasion


Are polo shirts in style? Indeed yes!!  No wardrobe is complete without at least one polo shirt. A casual shirt you can wear anywhere including the beach, the office or out to dinner, a polo shirt is a must-have in any man's wardrobe.

Once you are aware of some basic tips for wearing a polo, you can style it to suit most occasions, although we would never suggest wearing a polo shirt to a formal occasion such as a wedding!

What is a polo shirt?

Firstly, what exactly is the difference between a polo shirt and a T-shirt?  A tee

A man wearing a polo shirt. A polo shirt is similar to a t-shirt but it has a collar and button placket.

shirt has a round or V-neck whereas a polo shirt has a stand-up collar with a button placket. Whilst both are traditionally made from a cotton or cotton mix, a T-shirt is woven, known as jersey, and a polo is knitted which is referred to as pique. In more recent times polo shirts have evolved, they are now manufactured from a range of fibres including mercerised cotton, polyester and recycled plastic, so the pique is not so standard anymore.

Should I tuck my polo shirt in?

When wearing a polo shirt with shorts, leave it out. If you’re wearing your polo with jeans, chinos or trousers, you could tuck it in and wear a belt. For semi-formal occasions you might like to add a blazer, but you should never wear a tie with a polo shirt.

Do I button up my polo shirt?

We get asked about buttoning polos a lot. So, what’s the sauce, do you need to button up your polo shirt or not?  We would suggest leaving some or all the buttons undone for a casual look. Do the buttons up to create a dressy polished outfit, particularly if wearing your polo shirt under a blazer.

Polo shirts are meant to be fitted but not tight. As a casual shirt, it can be loose fitting but shouldn’t be too baggy. The collar is designed to wear down, don’t be tempted to pop your collar!!

Styling a polo shirt

Polo shirts are more traditionally connected with sports such as Polo and Golf and whilst this is still the case, there are so many more ways you can style a polo to transform your outfit from casual to smart and even sophisticated.

Man wearing a polo shirt tucked in to dress pants with a belt. A great look for the office or an evening function.

For those working at home, a polo shirt is comfortable just like a T-shirt, but also has a professional look for when you need to participate in virtual meetings. Similarly, your polo shirt mixes and matches brilliantly with work related clothing and is a casual business must-have. Tuck your polo into a pair of smart chinos with a matching belt and shoes and you’re ready for a day at the office, after work drinks or even a date.

Showing its versatility, a polo shirt can be perfect for a day at the beach or weekend adventures. Pair with boardshorts and thongs with buttons undone for a casual feel during the day. Do up half the buttons, add chino shorts and shoes with no-show socks and you’re ready to head out for the evening.

When travelling you can ensure comfort by pairing your polo shirt with elastic waist cargo shorts. A pair of comfortable runners will ensure a relaxed, ready for anything, holiday experience.

Team wear and work uniforms

Of course, a polo shirt has always been a golf course essential, and you will also see many other sporting groups wearing polos as their “team” shirt. Polyester shirts are perfect for teams. They are durable, not crushable and lightweight making them great for travelling. They are available in a multitude of colours and styles and are easily printed or embroidered to personalise. Read our blog to find out more, then contact us to ask us how your team can look this good!

A photo of the 2 teams at Timmys Memorial Cricket Day 2020. Mullumbimby Giants Rugby League -v- Mullumbimby Moonshiners Rugby Union. Team kits supplied by Stewart's Menswear Mullumbimby.

Similarly, if your workplace is after a cohesive look, polo shirts suit every shape and size, and are available for both men and women. You may have seen us wearing our shirts in-store. Look around with fresh eyes, you will be surprised just how many local workplaces are fitted out in polo shirts. We’d love to show you some options for your workplace too!

Gerard and Sue at Stewart's Menswear, Mullumbimby are wearing their screenprinted polo shirts which they have as uniforms in their shop.


A polo shirt is a perfect gift which is also light and easily packaged for postage. With Christmas coming around quickly, Stewart's Menswear in Mullumbimby is fully stocked with new season fashion and is your one-stop shop for Men's gift ideas. New season polo shirts have arrived recently along with a range of accessories and gifts for men. Don't forget, we offer a free gift wrapping service.

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