#coveryours With Reer Endz Underwear

#coveryours With Reer Endz Underwear

Have you ever heard a particularly catchy business name or brand name? Reer Endz is one such name and, teamed with the hashtag #coveryours, it is the perfect combination on which to build a men's underwear brand.

Reer Endz is owned by a Husband and wife team, Stuart and Tammy, who left behind their Corporate lives to travel Australia and develop their very own brand of men's underwear - some would say they are living the Australian dream! Reer Endz underwear is inspired by an Australian culture of the great outdoors, salty air with the freedom of the open roads with designs to reflect a free-spirited lifestyle.


Gerard pictured with the Reer Endz Underwear stand at Stewart's Menswear, Mullumbimby

We met Stuart and Tammy when they were staying at Lennox Head whilst travelling through our area last year.  Shortly afterwards The Open Road designs were injected into the range including Chasing Waves which was inspired by a car they saw daily in and around Lennox Head whose owner they felt was possibly chasing the perfect wave. After stocking this Australian men's underwear brand last year we chatted with Stuart and Tammy about Mullumbimby and menswear. Click here to see the blog which is featured on the Reer Endz website!! 




Following the success of The Open Road, they have designed, A Lil Bit Country, which is inspired by Stuart and Tammy's travels through Australia and by the many regional stores their underwear is now sold in. With most of the  Australian borders having been closed at different times this past year, I'm sure they are looking forward to getting back on the road to launch this new exciting range!


Reer Endz Underwear Doggo "Greyem" the kelpie

We're excited to show you the men's trunks which have just arrived in-store this week, Doggo and Outback Feels. A dog is man's best friend, Stuart and Tammy's Doggo Greyem being no exception, becoming the right hand man on their big adventure. Greyem is already appearing on the Reer Endz instagram account so we figure it is a natural progression that he should feature on their latest range of underwear.



ORGANIC COTTON - Better for you and the Planet

Made from GOTS approved 180gsm organic cotton, these men's undies are so comfortable you'll never want to take them off. They feature a 40mm soft waistband which is more comfortable than other brands with thinner waistbands. These thinner bands tend to roll down and cut into your waist causing discomfort. Reer Endz underwear also have a functional fly, a twin needle hem which stretches nicely for comfort and most importantly there are no annoying itchy, scratchy inside labels.

As part of their commitment to minimising their footprint on the planet, Reer Endz is producing Men’s Underwear with 95% organic cotton, to ensure you can enjoy comfortable, chemical-free underwear.

Organic cotton is breathable, soft and hypoallergenic.  It is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. This way of farming cotton has less impact on our planet, our health and the cotton farmers. The Reer Endz range is certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  


With over 168 independent stores around Australia now ranging Reer Endz underwear, it is easy to shop local and support Australian owned small businesses. Comfortable men's underwear is the beginning of your perfect style and when you visit Stewart's Menswear in Mullumbimby, you can build your outfit right from the bottom (literally) up. We can also help you find a look which will make you feel great whilst enjoying friendly, personal, country service.

Reer Endz Underwear, The Open Road range, hanging from pegs on a clothesline

Just like Stewart's Menswear, Reer Endz underwear are a proudly Australian owned and operated business and whilst they are not able to have the garments manufactured in Australia,  they contribute both directly and indirectly to the livelihoods of other Australians every day by engaging the services of Accountants, Marketers, Graphic and Web designers, photographers, and printers amongst others. No less importantly, they also enjoy the hospitality of Australian caravan parks and dine at cafes, pubs and restaurants along the way.

 Whilst it may be a priority to support Australian Made whenever we can, sometimes it is just not possible. Many of our suppliers are family owned and operated Australian businesses and therefore we have to agree with Stuart and Tammy,  "when you buy from an Aussie owned business, you are contributing to far more than just that one business."

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 Reference and photos: https://www.reerendz.com.au/







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