Have you ever had your swimsuit perish after swimming in chlorine? Most swimsuits are made from nylon/Lycra or nylon/elastane.  These fabrics are made from very tiny strands of elastic fibres which perish when exposed to sun and chlorine, causing the swimsuit to lose its shape and become stretched. 

Maybe you’ve bought an item of clothing with a bright green REPREVE label on it? But what exactly is REPREVE?

REPREVE fibre is made from recycled plastic bottles and is used by some of the world’s leading brands to make high-quality products including surfwear,  workwear, outdoor gear, home goods and even car interiors!

REPREVE is a reliable and durable fabric that is water repellent and has wicking properties as well as warming and cooling properties.

Plastic bottles retrieved from waste are prepared for recycling then taken to a recycling plant where they are processed into reusable fibre yarn.

Plastic bottles and other rubbish floating on the Ocean


The Repreve website has a live recycled bottle counter which at the time of writing this Blog sits at over 27 billion!! Check it out here to see where the count is today.

Repreve website live recycled plastic bottle counter


Some of the brands we stock, including Quiksilver, are using REPREVE fibre. Established in 1969, Quiksilver are the original boardshort company so it's great to see them showing innovation by making their boardshorts from REPREVE recycled fibre.

By aligning with Brands that are dedicated to sustainability, REPREVE are raising awareness about the importance of recycling. Each brand bringing a new wave of people who can be shown how choosing recycled fabrics can have a positive impact on the environment.

Another of our Suppliers who are working towards a more sustainable future is Zoggs swimwear. After having success with their ECOLAST swimwear range which was made from recycled fishing nets, they have now developed ECOLAST+ made from REPREVE fibre.

2 x plastic bottles in every Ecolast+ swimsuit

If you're looking for swimwear that will last longer even when swimming in chlorine, the good news is that Zoggs swimwear made from ECOLAST+ is not only great for the environment, but it is also 100% chlorine proof!

Zoggs swimwear is made to last in the harsh Australian climate because if it can withstand everything Australia can throw at it, it will do the same in any of the other 50 countries worldwide where Zoggs swimwear is sold.

Zoggs are showing the world how to create environmentally sustainable swimwear production methods, with over 90% of their current range made from ECOLAST+ fabric.

In an effort to reduce their impact on the environment and do everything they can to preserve our oceans for the future, Zoggs are also using greener packaging and supporting environmental causes.

At least 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans each year making up around 80% of marine debris. This pollution is harming our marine life including whales, sea turtles and dolphins. Sadly, plastic rubbish is now found in every single ocean on the planet.

“We are passionate about the ocean and excited about doing what we can to make a difference.”

Mark Hammersley, GM Zoggs UK

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