6 Fabulous Features Of Bamboo Clothing

6 Fabulous Features Of Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo clothing is perfect to wear in our climate and it’s better for the planet too!

  1. The hand feel of bamboo clothing is amazing. It feels soft and silky, a very luxurious fabric which means it is comfortable to wear. It’s anti static nature allows it to sit on the body nicely without clinging.
  2. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, it does not irritate the skin and is therefore ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  3. Bamboo fabric is breathable and thermo-regulating. No matter what the weather, bamboo will keep you comfortable by keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  4. As it is more absorbent than cotton, bamboo fabric will wick moisture away from the body keeping you dry and odour free for longer.
  5. No need to worry about sun protection - bamboo fabric is UV protective, protecting you from the sun in cool comfort.
  6. Bamboo fabric is biodegradable. It is a green material that will return to the earth when it’s useful life is done.
Photo of two men wearing bamboo fabric shirts. One is Paradise Palm print, the other is Bush Possum print. Available to purchase from Stewart's Menswear, Mullumbimby

The bamboo plant is a naturally regenerative plant. Just like grass, once it is cut, it regenerates itself quickly without the need for replanting. It’s natural leaf drop is absorbed by the soil as the mulch breaks down, feeding the bamboo and surrounding plants again. Bamboo mulch can also be used in compost bins and is an excellent weed barrier. The bamboo plant is grown without using pesticides or fertilizer. It is very rare that the plant is attacked by pests or affected by disease because of the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties present in the plant itself.

Have you ever worn men's bamboo clothing? Here at Stewart's Menswear in Mullumbimby, we find that most people who buy one of our bamboo/cotton blend shirts almost always come back for more!! We’d love for you to check out our short sleeve shirt range on our website.

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Also in the range are limited edition Bamboo Dreaming shirts. These shirts feature artwork of indigenous artists together with the story behind the artwork.

Our bamboo clothing range is imported and supplied to us by Kingston Grange Bamboo, a fabulous family owned business located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. When you buy our bamboo clothing, you are supporting two Australian family owned small businesses.

Explore our website today where you will find more in our men's bamboo clothing range including underwear, shorts, beach pants, long sleeve shirts and even ladies dresses!

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